Service Dog Certifications

Here at the BBOA we understand the need to be a 1 stop shop for all our customers. Thats why we are please to announce we have partnered with Service Dogs Worldwide Inc. to offer all members exclusive discounts on making your dog or dogs emotional support or service animals. We have helped over 200 people obtain there certifications so do not be fooled by these pop up companies that offer these packages with fake certifications. The owner of BBOA served is a military veteran and before offering these services he tried out each to make sure there will never be any complications for our customers. So feel safe and secure to know we our official providers of either service.

The main difference between the 2 classifications is ESA will come with a doctor letter for your housing or travel needs and Service Animal doesn’t come with a doctors letter it is mainly the service or services your dog is trained to perform you be aked to demonstrate and you myst be teady comply or you will be fined or jailed for impersonating a service dog. At the BBOA we do not encourage providing false information to obtain the benefits of free travel and entry to restricted areas with your dog.

Vest leash id to stay and fly anywhere

Emotional Support Animal package is $600 for non BBOA members and $500 for all BBOA members. This package comes with official picture ID card vest and leash & doctors letter provided.

Service Dog Package is $425 for non BBOA members & 355 for all BBOA member. This package comes with official picture ID card vest and leash.

(No doctors letter provided)

You can take pictures of completed Service dogs form & Email to servicedogsworldwide@gmail.com & Attach

Front facing pic & copy of Rabies certificate

Service Dogs Worldwide

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