How to register

-Litter Registration (fill in online or print)
-Single Registration (fill in online or print)
Upload pictures for both

All forms are fillable and printable PDF. If you are using a mobile device, download Adobe Fill & Sign below.


The fee is $80 per dog  for permanent registration which includes a 3 year generation pedigree if your dog currently has pedigree. If your dog or dogs parents cannot be found in our database we will require a copy or link to the pedigree hardcopy in your name from another kennel club with dog or dogs u are registering with dog’s name and listing you as current owner.

If the dog(s) you are registering does not have a current pedigree with his or her name and stating u as owner & it is a littermate pedigree or link you are providing that fee is $150 to reg each dog you’re using that pedigree for.  All Pedigrees or links you provide must have dogs name and you as owner on it that you are registering.

If you don’t have a 3 year Generation Pedigree Certificate or link at the time of registering & you are able to locate it at a later date you can email us & send it in and get it added to your breeder profile and mailed to u for $35 but if its a littermate pedigree and the fee will be $70

Once your dogs are Registered you are now ready to start producing your on litters once the litter drops each litter registered will be $30. Litters with 5 or more pups will be $40.

Each packet will contain and individual puppy registering certificate that u will provide to your new customers to permanently register if they choose.

Both parents of the litter you are registering must be registered with the BBOA to register a litter with us. If you don’t own both parents and the owner of the other dog doesn’t want to register there dog with us all hope isn’t lost. You can still register the litter you will jus have to pay $80 for the other dog’s registering and provide as much detailed information as you can about the other parent to complete the paperwork. You will not be provided a registration certificate for the other dog you don’t own but the litter will be able to registered with no problem.

If the dog that you’re bringing over to the BBOA doesn’t have any paperwork you will not be provided a 3 generation pedigree. Once you start breeding that dog the offspring of him or her will start the pedigree for the offspring.


We accept payment thru Paypal with added tax of 6.5% of total amount.

We accept payment thru credit card added tax of 6.5% of of total amount

We accept Zelle transfer payments at no tax.

We accept payment thru cash app with added tax of 6.5% of total amount.

Registration Payment