Q: How long does it Take to Receive Paperwork after paying?

A: Paperwork is Generally Processed the day after payment depending on number ahead of you. Generally 7-14 days is the max time.



Q: Do you accept all breeds or just certain breeds?

A: Yes here at Bully Breeds of America we Register all breeds not just bullies.



Q: I don’t have any paper on my Dog do you register dogs that have no paper work?

A: Yes at bully breeds of America we register all dogs regardless of paperwork situation.



Q: I don’t have any paperwork on my Dog, will you register dogs that have no paper work?

A: Yes you can however both parents must be registered to register a litter so you must pay the registration fee of $80 for stud dog as well as $80 for your female and $30 for litter registration to register the litter.



Q: My dog has papers but not in my name will you still register him or her?

A: Yes we will &the fee is $80 and we will also require a notarized letter along with registration stating you are rightful owner of the dog.



Q: My dog is registered with another registry when I sign up with BBOA will that cancel out his or her paperwork with the other registry?

A: No it wont it is what is called dual registry and depending on your customers its great to cover all bases by having more than 1 registry.



Q: Does BBOA offer overnight service?

A: Yes we do the fee is $127 extra for rush service with priority next day shipping



Q: Can I Cross breed my dogs and still get my dogs registered?

A: Yes you can we encourage breeders to press the bar with each breeding.



Q: I received my BBOA paperwork and i noticed the dog name is spelled wrong or it says the wrong color can you correct this and send out a new certificate?

A: Yes we can but after we check your paperwork and determine the information provided was inputted in the system the way you sent it then you will have to pay to have that corrected $50. If the error is BBOA’s fault then we will take care of it at no additional charge and get it mailed out to you the following business day.