Who We Are

We are a Registry that understands what breeders want because the BBOA is ran by breeders. We want to see every kennel succeed no matter the size or the breed you have. We offer a several workshops and classes that will allow you to come ask questions and get pointers on things that we recommend you do increase profits & to save money without short changing that care for the animals.

The BBOA was started by Jaiy Bradie in May of 2016 because he was tired of the lies and deceit the bully community goes by just to sell puppies. Bradie felt like there shouldn't be a cap on how you want to breed and it shouldn't make the value of a litter go up or down just because you mix 2 purebreds dog of different breeds. Bradie felt like the only way to set his breeding apart and create a different lane in the Dog community by Starting Bully Breeds OF America.