Welcome to the Official Service Animal Registration Page of B.B.O.A. We have helped over 1000 members secure permits for housing and travel for their pets. We are here to help any member that has legitimate needs to fly with their animal or need housing.

Our 1 on 1 service animal training starts at $10,000. Price varies based on disability needs. If your animal is already trained to perform service animal task and you’re looking to have a travel permit please contact us at 887-BBOA-DOG

If you need a housing letter for your animal for your apartment complex a H a a and your disability needs require that you have an animal called here.

Our 10-question survey will quickly determine if your pet is eligible or not. Our service animal packages comes with 24-hour flight assistance. Meaning we book your dog’s travel & are with you the entire duration of your trip until you land. Offering online assistance if needed.
Our strong relationship with the airlines keeps us up to date with all D.O.T. and airline policy & changes to ensure exceptional service. There are 2 types of Service Animal Packages and upon Acceptance we can have you serviced in less than 24 hrs if required with an additional fee.

As of January 2021 airlines banned emotional support animals from flying for free and only allowing pets under 20lbs to travel in a bag. Domestic service animals traveling anywhere within the U.S for B.B.O.A members start at $1,000 for a 12 month unlimited flight permit & $1500 for non-BBOA members.

For a permit that allows travel to any destination including outside of the U.S, pricing starts at $1,500 for BBOA members and $2,000 for non-BBOA members.

Emotional Support Dog For Housing If approved, our Emotional Support Animal Packages comes with a housing certificate from our clinic only after an in-depth interview that will determine if your pet is fit to be an Emotion Support Animal. Which would not allow you to have the same access to public transportation, airlines, restaurants or malls.

Upon Acceptance we can have you serviced in less than 48 hrs if you need expedited.

For B.B.O.A members the $1,250 for a 12 month housing Permit & $1500 for non-BBOA members.